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Going Home

Part lucid dream and part love story, Going Home is an emotional and surreal VR journey that takes the viewer inside the mind of an elderly man suffering a massive heart attack (viewers are seated in a hospital gurney as the experience unfolds). As doctors fight to keep him alive, the man’s life flashes before his eyes and the reality of his past and present begin to merge together. Throughout the ordeal, the man has frequent visions of his late wife causing him to question whether he should be fighting to stay alive in the first place. The film contains no CGI graphics but uses complex double exposure techniques to combine different 360 video elements, creating otherworldly dreamscapes. The visuals were inspired by the double exposure photography of Jerry Uelsmann and are some of the first of their kind in virtual reality.

Going Home: A VR Film
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Going Home

Director:  David Beier

Writer:  David Beier

Cast: Rachel Alig, Jeff Marlow, Natalia Ferreiro
April Marshall Miller, Natalie Whittle, Nancy Nazari

Producer:  Damir Omic

Co Producers: Cheryl Rhodes, Adam Tyree

Cinematographer:  Mathew Edwards

VR Cinematographer:  Shaoyu Su

Music:  Andrew Napier

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